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TenX Your Business With Our Managing Director Partnership Opportunity

"Your Don't Have To Be A Heart Surgeon To Own A Hospital" - Bill Hall

  • We are not an FMO/IMO - Partner with advisors and million dollar producing insurance pros.
  • Become highly attractive to CPAs
  • Partner with us at Redwood Tax Specialists as a Managing Director
  • Redwood Tax Specialists website
  • Holistic tax reduction for business owners with tax bills over $150,000
  • My Tax Design App... The first step in handing over a prospect to your tax reduction team
  • Sales Presentations with landing pages designed for your premium financing prospects
  • Bi-Weekly Mentorship Group Calls with Top Producers
  • Premium Financing weekly Mastermind Group meetingsConcierge Service Case Design & Illustration
  • "Done For you." You ONLY promote your back-office team
  • Unlimited Personal Mentorship with Bill Hall Top of the Table member for 7 straight years Income
  • Video Landing Page to help you promote your new Back-Office to CPAs that want to grow their businesses with advisory services
  • Commission paid directly to you from our CPAs on Tax Design Fees
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Work On your business as an entrepreneur, Not In your business as technicians must do. You can own and operate multiple businesses In you're not working In them.

Branding with other CPAs was the key for me because CPAs want to do business with other CPAs who are willing to first help them with advisory services, so I branded and partnered with CPAs and accountants to scale my business to well over 10 times... NOW, you can too - easier, faster and better because the years of hard work have been done for you. You just don't build a company and brand like this overnight. With our 1 step at a time Accelerator Academy, bi-weekly private group meetings and our one one mentorship you will have an unfair advantage to 10X your business the Redwood Tax Specialist team!